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Are you an engineering manager or a technical lead? Are you occupied with scaling issues of not only servers but also your team? This is the place to learn how to improve your technical leadership skills from stories of success (and many failures).

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Curated by Ofir Kerker 2 years ago.
100% VP
Although Randall Koutnik wears a funny hat, he is very serious about the current broken methods for measuring a developer’s career progression. He suggests that instead of judging a career via vague metrics like time, we’ll focus on a path centered around autonomy and also walks us through his recommendation for three stages of a developer’s life: The Implementer, who’s just learning the ropes and needs careful attention. The Solver, who tackles ever-bigger problems - and needs the responsibility to match. Finally, the Finder, who will revolutionise how you do work but only if you let them.

Rethinking the Developer Career Path – Randall Koutnik | The Lead Developer UK 2017


Our current methods for measuring a developer’s career progression are broken. At best, we count the number of days someone’s been paid to write code and massage that into a title.

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