Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Kapai?
To be where ideas and viewpoints are shared and discussed constructively while creating the best possible knowledge base for those interested in each idea / viewpoint.
Why there is a need for yet another community?

As complex topics with diverse opinions can’t easily be captured in a Wikipedia article, Facebook, or Reddit. Opinions on those topics are often irreconcilable and trying to create a definitive viewpoint results in either compromise, conflict or isolated echo-chambers.

This is why we have built where members can create communities around topics they care about, where each member has a different weight based on their reputation within the community, allowing to scale the number of members infinitely without creating unnecessary clutter, which will result in building the best body of knowledge on each topic.

What is the meaning of the name Kapai? What is a Kapa?

In Maori, the language of the indigenous population of New Zealand, kapa means a group of people or team, and Pai means to like, to approve, to be good. The combination of these words, Kapai, represents the essence of our idea: a group effort to find the best content on every topic.

Fun fact: Kapai in Lithuanian means graveyard. However, we are not the first company to give a product a name that has a bad meaning in another language.

What is Voting Power (VP)?
Voting Power is the reputation of a person within a specific Kapa. It means the weight this person’s vote will get in each vote on a new item.
How does the voting mechanism work?

It’s very simple: you put your money (aka, your reputation) where your mouth is.

For any action you take within the Kapa you need to stake some of your VP:
  • When voting, you risk 1% of your total VP.
  • When proposing an item, your risk is equivalent to voting for your item, but your reward, if the item is accepted, is much higher as gratitude for your contribution to the Kapa.
  • The voting period is open for 24 hours but can end earlier if the Kapa reaches a consensus before that time.
  • When voting ends, we calculate all the VP that voted yay or nay and the group that won the vote gets the VP that was staked by the losing party and additional VP that is printed upon every vote.
Why are VP and voting so important?

The idea is to group together people with shared interests and perspectives. If you like the same content as the rest of the group, your VP in that Kapa increases, and if your taste is different, over time you will lose reputation (VP) and become less important for a particular Kapa.

It is important to note that achieving high VP is not the goal. Your goal is to be part of a group of individuals who like the same content in a specific domain. Accordingly, sometimes it’s simply better to leave an existing Kapa that is not a good fit and find yourself a new home (or start a new Kapa of your own that others can join).

Does the creator of the Kapa have any extra privileges?

No, the Kapa is fully decentralized and run by its VP members; nobody, including the creator, has an advantage over others.

The only difference is that the creator has a pool of VP to invite new members (which can’t be used for voting). Once this pool, or reserve, is expended, the creator must use their own VP to invite new members to the Kapa.

Do other people know how I voted?
Yes. Votes are anonymous while voting is in progress (to avoid influencing other people’s votes). However, once voting ends, it then becomes public.
Are all Kapas public?

Yes. We believe information is something to share with others and must be always free.

Please note that while each Kapa is public for everyone to view, and even to join and contribute, only members with VP make decisions.

Can I join any Kapa?

Yes! All Kapas are public to view and join, but please note that you will have no Voting Power until you prove yourself worthy.

How can I gain VP in a newly joined Kapa?
You need to perform actions that will contribute to the Kapa. At the moment, there are two ways to contribute:
  1. For every new item you propose to the Kapa that is accepted by current members with VP, you will gain 10 VP.
  2. When you invite people to the Kapa, once at least one person joins via your invitation, you will be rewarded with 1 VP.

Once you have VP, you can use it to vote on future proposals from other people. You can also risk some of your VP when proposing new items—the more you risk, the more confident you are—which will result in the item going higher in the queue for VP members to vote on.

What happens when someone joins my Kapa?

If this new user just wants to read the items your Kapa has curated, then good for you! You have an audience. And if this user also proposes new, good items, it means you have more help with curating great content for your Kapa.

Why can’t I vote on new items?

This may mean you have no VP in this Kapa. Try to help the group effort in the Kapa and earn some VP.

If you do have VP, it means you are too late to the party and the Kapa reached a decision while snoozed - voting is open for 24 hours but can end earlier in the case that the Kapa reaches a majority before then.

Can I create a new Kapa?

Absolutely. At the top of Kapai’s home page, simply click the “Create” link.

It’s important to note the following:
  1. Kapa creation is not available on mobile yet. We will add this option soon.
  2. Your newly created Kapa will not be public immediately. After it has some activity (some users and a few items) it will go through a review process to ensure that it’s not spammy content. You can still invite people or send them the link to view, but it will not be shown on Kapai’s directory.
What about discussions on curated items?

Coming soon: stay tuned! :)

How can I contact you?

Feel free to shot us an email: support [at]