About Us

The problem
Complex topics with diverse opinions can’t easily be captured in a Wikipedia article or Reddit. Opinions on those topics are often irreconcilable and trying to create a definitive viewpoint results in either compromise, conflict or isolated echo-chambers.
Our mission
To be where ideas and viewpoints are shared and discussed constructively while creating the best possible knowledge base for those interested in each idea / viewpoint.
What we do
Build a platform for community curation of opinions / ideas on topics and the discussions around them. Different viewpoints on a subject are expressed by different sub-communities, each of which builds the best knowledge-base of those opinions and manages their own discussion around them.
We have built Kap.ai where members can create communities around topics they care about. Those communities are called Kapas. The members of each Kapa share information and opinions thereby building the best body of knowledge on that topic. We are starting with topics related to the startup ecosystem in order to build out the platform and its tools and would love your input on what we can do to improve (send it here).
Our promises
  • No click-bait - just well curated articles - the reputation based community on a topic ensures quality.
  • Quality over quantity - we are building tools to ensure that each Kapa will become the best knowledge base for a topic or idea. Items are cherry-picked to best cover a topic.
  • Evergreen vs real-time - Our goal is to build the best knowledge base on an idea or topic, these should stand the test of time and become ever more useful as the community curates more useful content and builds helpful discussions around it.
  • No conflict - If someone has a different opinion then they can create a different Kapa which expresses the idea or topic in the way they think best. They can build a new community around that.