Our Mission

Our online community is here to help entrepreneurs take their startup to the next level, by sharing high quality curated content with the help of domain experts and AI.

What makes Kapai unique is the collaborative effort of people solving together the pain of finding great content in a very noisy online world.

Our Story

As entrepreneurs, we know that time is the most important resource of your startup. When you need to find a high-quality and relevant information to skyrocket your startup, the amount of time you spend simply doesn't make any sense.

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For startups, actionable insights and recommendations aren’t always just a quick search away, as interests and priorities may not necessarily align.

Through our own experiences from previous ventures, as well as discussions with scores of entrepreneurs and their team members; we recognized the need for a one-stop-informational-shop for startups. A platform that provides meaning, purpose, and the means to have quality interactions with people who have similar wants, needs, tastes, and goals. People whose opinions we can actually trust.

So we’re building a home for brilliant minds to share brilliant knowledge. Sparking interactions between experienced and accomplished individuals. Providing a set of tools to enable crowdsourcing and collaboration. Developing a community within the restless and heavily caffeinated startup ecosystem.

Why? So we can all help one another find the quality resources we need to get ahead.

Koby & Ofir