Ofir Kerker

CTO & Co-Founder of Kapai


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Early Stage Startups
Everything related to early stage startups, from financing to building the team and marketing. If you are a founder or a team member in a startup then this Kapa is for you!
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Software Engineering Leadership
Are you an engineering manager or a technical lead? Are you occupied with scaling issues of not only servers but also your team? This is the place to learn how to improve your technical leadership skills from stories of success (and many failures).
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The Geek Edition
Technology news for geeks, edited by geeks.
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Better Communication - a startup's secret weapon
Collecting a set of writings which can help startup founders and employees build better businesses. Techniques for how to work better with internal and external stakeholders.
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Middle East Politics - Insider
This Kapa will look at non-traditional views of Middle East politics.
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